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Valentina Ivanscak

Senior Accountant
BPO Accounting
Valentina Ivanscak
Started January 27 2020 as Junior Accountant

After graduating from college, Valentina spent a year working as a Project associate at the Cerebral paralysis and poliomyelitis association. Part of her various responsibilities was helping a local accountant with ad-hoc tasks, which opened the door for Valentina into the Accounting world.

After the end of the program, she wanted to continue working with numbers and applied for the Junior Accountant position in Hands on Server Support. Starting at a recently launched BPO Accounting department in 2020 was an exciting time for Valentina since she enjoyed the number of new things she had to learn and the challenges to tackle. Valentina considered being a Team Lead in the Accounts Payable (AP) department the most formidable challenge, the position she got promoted to half a year after she started at HOSS. Juggling between managing a team and a client’s work wasn’t easy, but it made Valentina a more confident communicator and a leader. What she once struggled with, for example, preparing precise business emails, became her second nature, and these days Valentina crafts emails in seconds.

As much as Valentina enjoyed being a Team lead, she wanted to grow in the Accounting field and see a bigger picture of it, as in the AP department, she only dealt with a small part of it.

After discussing the possibility with her department lead, Valentina started working with Accountants. She began to review clients’ monthly financial reports, investigate discrepancies, and get tremendous satisfaction from bringing the balance to zero.

She keeps receiving good feedback from the client, which is another proof that when you like what you do, people notice it.

Valentina doesn’t mind returning to a Team Lead position one day, but only when she gets super confident and advanced in the US Accounting system and can share her knowledge.

Valentina feels she is an excellent example of someone who enjoys the work process and gets to do it with the people she looks up to and is proud to work with.

She calls Natali Oreskovic, her manager, a legend, for helping her daily for two years straight and never showing signs of being annoyed by repeated questions.

Valentina is also proud to see the teammates she started with growing and hopes she is a part of their success too.

Sharing here more random facts about Vale:

🐕 Has a german boxer Nala
🎈Adores Steven King’s books
👻 Horror movies fan, Conjuring universe specifically
⛷️ Love skiing and mountains