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Ivica Jelosek

Level 2 Technician
Linux Support
Ivica Jelosek
Started February 26 2018 as Sales Billing and Abuse technician

Ivica wanted to find a new stable job in an IT company and applied at Hands on Server Support without many expectations and was hired shortly after.

He pioneered the newly formed Sales Billing and Abuse department, gaining initial knowledge of Linux System administration. After six months in, as the team was expanding, he began to teach others how to respond to customers’ inquiries.

At some point, feeling the need to advance and expand his knowledge, Ivica moved to the Monitoring department and, after a couple of months, joined the Support team, where he worked for two and a half years.

Ivica recalls that work in the Support had its fair share of laughs and cringes. Still, his vast previous job experience in the catering business and working with people helped him to grow more patient, be stoic, control his reactions and always act professionally, even in the face of some over-the-top customers.

After being promoted to a Team Lead position in the Specialized Migrations team, Ivica manages a small team of technicians and helps migrate customers from external servers into the client’s evergrowing internal server network.

Ivica admits that it doesn’t sound like much fun; however, he enjoys his work, likes tackling challenges, and keeps expanding his knowledge of Linux System administration.

As a passionate cook, he also fancies the idea of becoming a chef one day and opening a home-cooking restaurant in Osijek. Whichever path Ivica chooses, we are 100% sure that with such varied experience in working with customers, he will leave them delighted!

A bit more on Ivica:

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦πŸ•  A father of a nine-year-old son and a beagle Rio
🎀  Enjoys Joe Rogan podcast for having opinions on pretty much everything
πŸŽ“  Finished school for receptionists and tourist guides
πŸ₯‹  Interested in martial arts
πŸ€ͺ  Considers poking fun at people his annoying trait