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Dubravka Gavric

Senior Team Lead
BPO Accounting
Dubravka Gavric
Started March 9 2020 as Accounting Assistant

After spending eight years moving around the globe, Dubravka and her husband Dino, a professional football player, decided to return to their home country, Croatia.

Dubravka started looking for a job and was a bit nervous since she had never worked in Croatia before and got used to working and living in multicultural environments. However, finding a job in Hands on Server Support made her happy as it offered a great combination of an international environment with English as a working language and a position in the accounting field, similar to what she was doing at her previous employer Costco.

Once Dubravka started with HOSS, she worked as an Accounting Assistant for three months and was quickly promoted to a team lead. Half a year later, she was promoted to the Team Leads’ Supervisor and finally became a dedicated Account Payable Team Manager, the position she occupies nowadays.

Dubravka’’ blames’’ her quick career growth on her inner Virgo, which constantly pushes her to seek new ways to grow and always give her best.

She laughs that her attention to detail and perfectionism are great qualities for the professional environment, which helped her a lot in successfully onboarding a new client. While in everyday life, those same qualities drive her husband a bit crazy, for example, when making him change the light switch in the room since it didn’t fit the overall interior design. 😀

Dubravka describes her duties as everyday problem-solving and strives to gain more independence in resolving clients’ inquiries. She believes that to create a friendly atmosphere in a team, you have to start with yourself, be kind and spread positive energy.

She prefers to spend weekends with her family and just enjoys the moment of being outside of the city. She looks up to her mom and grandmother as examples of strong women who are always happy with what they have. Dubravka uses the same approach to life and believes that true happiness comes from enjoying simple things, being healthy, and being surrounded by people you love. Though she agrees that having a house in Cyprus, the country she fell in love with, would certainly make her happier as well.

Here you can find some random facts about Dubravka:

🗺️ Lived in Poland, Hungary, Cyprus, Iceland
🏨  Used to work  in a hotel in Iceland
💻👜 Was interested in computers and fashion from childhood
📓 Consider Vogue to be the best read
👗 Admires Victoria Beckham for a combination of great mom, supportive wife, and successful stylist.