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Nikolina Radinic

Level 2 Technician
Linux Support
Nikolina Radinic
Started February 2021 as Junior Level 1 Linux Support Technician

After studying Computer Engineering in High School in 2019, Nikolina searched for her first job in the IT field. It didn’t take her long, and in February 2021, she was hired as Junior L1 Linux Support Technician in Hands on Server Support.

During a year with us, Nikolina learned how to deal with challenges as they happened. For example, she overcame a big one on her first night shift. That night, the usual call with the customer turned into a 5-hour ordeal due to the customer’s account being hacked. But with the joint efforts of other Support team members, the customer’s issue was successfully resolved, and Nikolina was glad to become a more confident problem-solver.

Apart from customer calls, she also prevents DDoS attacks and helps customers when their websites are down, server crashes, and emails that just won’t be sent!

Since she is always in a problem-solving mode, Nikolina has a routine that helps her to relax. Her team creates an office atmosphere every shift by joining Google meet-calls, where they casually chit-chat, laugh or help each other.

These calls sometimes serve as physiological sessions, but they also help not get too sleepy during the night shifts. Nikolina got so used to these meetings that her shifts feel empty and weird when the workload doesn’t allow them to join a call. As for career plans, Nikolina doesn’t have huge ones for now. She is happy with where she is and just enjoying the current workload for now.

Here are more facts about Nikolina:

🌌  Amazed by the vastness of the universe and would like to ponder universe theories with Steven Hawking and negotiate the next trip to Mars with Elon Musk.

πŸ“–Β  Recommends reading:

🎬  Favorite TV shows include: Supernatural, Money Heist, Seinfeld, The Office, The Silent Sea 

Shares a country house with precisely these many pets (you are not seeing double).

At some point, had these many (again, this is not an emoji bug)