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Tihana Dambic

Talent Acquisition
Team Lead
Tihana Dambic
Started November 2019 as HR Assistant

At some point in your life, Tihana definitely brightened up your day by sending a text close to the one above. She learned a lot about us through our CVs or during interviews and now is an opportunity to reverse roles and interview Tihana, and figure out where she sees herself in 5 years.

When Tihana was studying Pedagogy at the University of Zagreb, she learned that she could also apply her degree as an HR professional. After graduating, she worked as a Pedagogy professor at school for some time. Tihana joined our team in November 2019 as an HR Assistant and today she leads the Talent Acquisition team.

After years of conducting interviews, Tihana mastered the skill of always staying composed and professional. When, during the interview, candidates’ pets decide to join, be it a cat strolling on the desk or a parrot landing on the candidate’s head, you can be sure that Tihana’s facial muscles will move only for a slight smile.

Tihana is focused on developing recruitment strategies and researching possible expansion to new countries. She was excited to share that we recently welcomed a first employee from Romania and planning to start hiring in South America and Africa. She also enjoys expanding her knowledge of different people and cultures during the process.

In the interviews, Tihana stays true to the company motto, “Hire for character, train for the skill”, and her inner matchmaker raves when the candidate’s motivation perfectly suits the team’s requirements. To everyone who wants to work with their friends and refers them to Touch Support, Tihana advises how to land a job interview: “be both natural and professional”, meaning wearing your pajama bottoms is fine, but top better be more strict.

Tihana is highly organized and drives special pleasure from checking off things on her to-do list. She sometimes gets frustrated if she doesn’t manage to do a task right away and gets impatient. Even though she learned to be more patient with herself, she also cools down and reenergizes by training at least five times a week, combining gym with pilates. As for her future plans, Tihana sees her team and the company welcoming new team members from various corners of the world and contributing to its diverse environment.

More on Tihana:

🍿 Likes watching: Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons, Oz, Wild Wild Country, The Keepers, The Puppet Master
📚 Enjoyed reading: The Girl with Seven Names, Infidel
👍 Good at cooking
👧🏻 Describes herself as organized, a people person, persistent
💡 Advise to past self: “Don’t be afraid to try new things.”