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Tomislav Kristo

Level 2 Linux Technician
Tomislav Kristo
Started August 2021 as Junior L1 Linux Technician

After studying Engineering and CNC machines (googling might be needed), Tomislav switched to working with people. He combined traveling and working for many years, doing seasonal jobs on the Croatian seaside. Equipped with the experience of interacting with various types of personalities, Tomislav decided to settle and use his skills in some other field. He applied for an open position in Hands-on Server Support and started as a Junior L1 Linux technician in August 2021.

In 2023, already as an L2 Linux technician, Tomislav’s major responsibilities include helping customers in resolving their technical issues. Even though he never knows what’s waiting for him in the call and whether it would be as easy as pressing three buttons or will take hours, Tomislav stays even-minded and composed. He hits it off with most customers and sets people in a more relaxed mood just because he knows he is there to help, and getting emotional is simply non-productive.

When it comes to dealing with people, Tomislav knows that it is important to understand what intentions they come with and the reasons for their frustration. He genuinely doesn’t understand those who get involved emotionally in unproductive calls. He reminds himself and everyone that being stressed doesn’t help, while Googling does and shouldn’t be overlooked.Sharing a good laugh with the team is a good practice for staying energized, and Tomislav’s team never neglects it.

In his free time, Tomislav is energized by tinkering with wires and cables and proudly shares his room with the arcade machined constructed by himself.

More on Tomislav:

🕹 Avid gamer with a knack for fighting games and fps games
✈️ Liked Budapest

👍 Good at problem-solving
👎 Bad at answering what he is bad at

💡 Advice to everyone: “Don’t stress too much”.