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Ana-Marija Matic

AP Team Lead Supervisor
BPO Accounting
AnaMarija Matic
Started February 24 2020 as Junior Accountant

Two years ago, Ana-Marija was introduced to the Accounting field by performing finance-related tasks for her previous employer. However, she soon disliked the tedious Croatian accounting system with lots of paperwork and wanted to learn foreign accounting standards.

She was excited to find the job ad for a Junior Accountant position at Hands on Server Support, which seemed like a great chance to learn US Accounting and improve her English. So she applied full of hope, but, unfortunately, the company just hired another candidate.

It didn’t discourage Ana-Marija, and the massive pile of accounting papers on her desk motivated her to reapply after a few months and start working at HOSS in February 2020.

Slowly, Ana-Marija learned the US accounting system: new accounting rules and software, always being friendly and helpful, and in September 2021, she was promoted to an Accounts Payable department supervisor.

The new responsibility brought a handful of challenges for Ana-Marija, such as finding the right approach for each team member and being responsible for the whole team’s work.

As she adjusted to the new role, she reminded herself that learning new skills takes time.

As a department supervisor, Ana-Marija enjoys seeing her team grow in size, learn and become more independent.

The rewarding part of the new title also came soon; seeing how the team grows, learns, and becomes more independent in successfully resolving issues lifted Ana-Marija’s spirit.

After maxing out her sharp-attention superpower to make sure that all client’s invoices are entered, payments are made, and all vendors are replied to, Ana-Marija re-energizes herself by lifting weights in a gym or walking her dogs.

Dreaming of a trip to sunny Spain and upcoming moving to her boyfriend’s house also helps Ana-Marija take her mind off the work.

As much as she enjoys the remote work, Ana-Marija misses office times and even the guy with an unapologetically loud keyboard ( refused to give up the name). However, she doesn’t lose hope of meeting her foreign team members one day and learning more about their backgrounds and stories.

🔍  She enjoys watching and reading criminalistics.
📺  Considers Peaky Blinders the best TV series ever made.
👍  Strongside: Very attentive.
☝  Needs improvement: Lacks patience.
🏠  Fan of interior design and likes to watch Property Brothers 
💃  Wanted to become an Event Organizer and host all sorts of parties.
😀  Guilty pleasure: watching comedies of the ’90s like  Married… with Children and eating chocolate in any form.
🗨  Advises everyone not to postpone living:

‘’Have fun, travel and meet new people, be courageous enough to use new opportunities and enjoy life as much as possible’’